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Our very popular crown block system with interchangeable tips, designed with the aspiring milliner in mind, for whom the purchase of blocks will be a major investment. By purchasing a base unit and a selection of tips, a set of crown blocks can be built up more economically than by purchasing individual blocks.


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MBS Multiblock Set
MBS The basic set contains a base unit, MBB, with an allen key and screws, a 40mm extension, MBE, and three tips; flat MB9, shallow dome MB6, and bowler MB2. The set offers considerable saving when compared with the cost of three individual blocks. If you prefer, you can select from the range of tips shown below. All parts are accurately made from Lime wood. They are fully interchangeable, so you can buy just a base and a tip and add to your range as finances allow. Head shape is slim oval.

Price £203.00 (£169.16 ex VAT)

MBB - included in the MBS    
Base The Multiblock base. As with all our crown blocks, the base has two finger grip holes and a stand hole.


Price £30.00 (£25.00 ex VAT)

MBE - included in the MBS    
MBE The Multiblock 40mm extension. This is used if you want a tall crown and also to give the correct height when making up a cloche block with the MBC below.


Price £21.00 (£17.50 ex VAT)

MB9 - included in the MBS    
MB9] Flat tip.

Price £40.00 (£33.33 ex VAT)

MB6 - included in the MBS    


Shallow dome tip.

Price £56.00 (£46.67 ex VAT)

MB2 - included in the MBS    
MB2 Bowler tip.


Price £56.00 (£46.67 ex VAT)

MBE2, 3 & 4 New!    

This is a new set of multiblock extensions to increase the flexibility of the system further. MBE2 is 30mm thick, MBE3 is 50mm and MBE4 is 60mm. These have been designed in particular to accompany our growing range of cloche brims and the correct length screws will be supplied with each extension. Available individually or at a discounted price for the set of three. NB, the MBS multiblock set comes with the standard MBE which is 40mm thick.

Price £21.00 (£17.50 ex VAT) - Set of three £55.00 (£45.83 ex VAT)

MBC Multiblock Cloche Brim (not included in the MBS)  
MBC This is a great way to extend your Multiblock collection. Combine any Multiblock tip and extension together with the brim to make an exciting variety of ever popular cloches. The picture below show a couple of possibilities.

Price £63.00 (£52.50 ex VAT)

MBC with MBE2 & MB7MBC with MBE2 & MB2  
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MBC2 Multiblock Cloche Brim  

A steeper sided version of the MBC above to create a very close fitting cloche hat. It could have many possibilities depending on how you cut the blocked fabric. The pictures below show a couple of possibilities. A real 1940's cloche hat!

Price £63.00 (£52.50 ex VAT)

MBC2 with MBE & MB2MBC2 with MBE2 & MB7
MBC3 Multiblock Cloche Brim

An elegant cloche brim whose curves flow gently out of the vertical sides of an extension and tip. The front extends lower than the back and the sides sweep up in the centre, a shape which is easily created on the block with the string groove (included in the price). It works particularly well with an MBE2 extension (30mm) and a tip of your choice such as MB7 (pictured below).
A great way to vary your cloche hats!

Price £121.00 (£100.83 ex VAT)

MBC3MBC3 with MBE2 & MB7MBC3 with MBE2 & MB7
MBC4 Multiblock Cloche Brim

A very 1920's style cloche brim, ideal with MB2 tip and MBE extension as pictured below. This block comes with a string groove as standard to give you that lovely bottom curve straight off the block.

The picture below shows the brim side on with the back of the brim on the right side.

Price £91.00 (£75.83 ex VAT)

MBC5 New! Multiblock Double Brim

Another great way to extend your possibilities with this double brim giving you two options. The MBC5 can be used either way up in conjunction with an extension and a tip to give two differently angled shallow brims. The first two pictures below clearly show the two different angles and are paired with the MB7 tip and MBE2 extension. It also works with the CB112 trilby shown below centre which is part of a range we're hoping to expand very soon.

Price - £120.00 (£100.00 ex VAT). Also available with a string groove between the two sides for an additional £25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT).

mbc5 mbc5 mbc5 strw cloche yellow trilby
MBC7 New!

A beautifully shaped cloche brim with a long curved down turn on one side sweeping up across the face from side to side.

Price £121.00 (£100.83 ex VAT)

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"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service and your incredible blocks!!! OMG!!! I'm completely in love with them! Even if I'm not a milliner and have no experience whatsoever , I can appreciate the quality!!! Perfection!!! It was my very first time and I'm totally hooked! It was soooo much fun! And I LOVE the result in spite of all the mistakes and imperfections! Again, thank you! I'll definitely come back again!

Elena Ebenhack, USA


A very stylish 'snap' brim which features a ridge round the back, where the blocked brim will 'snap' to create an upturn running from the sides round to the back. This has the advantage that with a crown or indeed any of our multiblock tips screwed on top, you can 'block in one' in the same way that you would make a cloche hat. The ideal crown to accompany this brim is the CB112 pictured below left, but seeing as this brim works in exactly the same way as all the cloche brims above, why not try any of our multiblock tips too - see below for some ideas. String groove as standard.

Price £189.00 (£157.50 ex VAT)


bb71,cb112 mb2 mb48 mb71 hat on block
Left to right, BB71 with CB112, with MBE & MB2, with MBE & MB48 and with MB71
BB84 & MB78 New!
bb84 & mb76

A great little boater set made up of a separate brim and crown that fit together in the normal multiblock way. This means you can swap the tip for any of the others in the range. The tip MB77 is low (52mm) and designed especially to be a perching boater (eg around size 21"). If you order the brim in a head fitting size then any standard multiblock tip will work fine. The brim width will always be 64mm wide all round. String groove is included on the brim.

BB84 Price £74.00 (£61.67 ex VAT)

MB78 Price £73.00 (£60.83 ex VAT)

Combo Price £130.00 (£108.33 ex VAT)


BB85 New!

BB85BB85 UndersideBB85 with MB7

Inspired by our popular CB107, we decided to turn it into a multiblock brim for use with the full range of tips. Featuring a fully hollowed underside, you can fold and pin right into the bottom to give a double sided peak, or perhaps with straw you could fold in just to give a hem to the bottom edge. Shown above right with an MB7 tip. You can also use it with any of the extensions to make a taller crown more like CB107

Price £152.00 (£126.67 ex VAT)



Additional Tips

Unless otherwise stated, Multiblock tips are 70mm high which also makes them useable as pill-box blocks in their own right. Although, if you want a pill-box block with a recessed bottom, see our range of Pill-boxes.


MB7 with MBE & MBC

This is a new Multiblock tip specially designed to work with the MBE and MBC in order to create a much more rounded shape than is possible with other tips. This is possible here beacuse the tip is 80mm thick rather than the standard 70mm. We've produced this block in response to a number of requests from customers wanting to make a true 1930's/40's style cloche hat. When combined with the MBE & MBC it corresponds exactly with our CB44 cloche block and represents a considerbale saving if you are already a multiblock set owner. If not, it's still worth considering buying the individual parts given the savings and benefits of our Multiblock system.

The picture below shows the MB7 combined with our MBC (cloche brim) and MBE2 (Multiblock extension)

Price £66.00 (£55.00 ex VAT) (does not include MBE & MBC)

MB5 A classic pork pie with domed top and straight vertical sides.


Price £92.00 (£76.67 ex VAT)

MB38 With its lowered domed tip, this version of the classic pork pie offers further possibilities to your collection.

Price £88.00 (£73.33 ex VAT)

MB71 New!  
MB71 Another variation, this time with a more feminine touch. Gently sloping sides.


Price £90.00 (£75.00 ex VAT)

MB8 An elegant and sophisticated 1940's style with a gently domed sloping tip.


Price £60.00 (£50.00 ex VAT)


Another 1940's style shape with a gently domed and sloping tip and vertical straight sides.

One of our most popular tips!


Price £58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)

MB11 Similar to the MB10 but with more of a pointed tip.


Price £58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)

MB34 The raised tip provides a focus on the classic design.


Price £58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)

MB40 The vertical sides and sloping curved tip combine to offer elegance and simplicity.

One of our most popular tips!


Price £58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)

MB48 Another 1940's style without the sloping tip.


Price £60.00 (£50.00ex VAT)

MB57 New!  
MB57 A flat top that is curved from front to back.


Price £60.00 (£50.00 ex VAT)

MB70 New!  
MB70 Same as the MB57 but with the top sloping to one side.



Price £60.00 (£50.00 ex VAT)

MB58 New!  
MB58 Similar to the MB57 with the top curved from front to back. This time the surface is elegantly dished.

Price £66.00 (£55.00 ex VAT)

MB59 New!  
MB59 An MB6 with a pretty cutaway from front to back on one side.


Price £71.00 (£59.17 ex VAT)

MB69 New!  
MB69 Another variation on the MB6, this time with cutaways both sides.


Price £80.00 (£66.67 ex VAT)

MB66 New!  
MB66 An elegant cutaway version of MB9.


Price £71.00 (£59.17 ex VAT)

MB67 New!  
MB67 Flat top again but with the cutaway angled downwards this time.


Price £71.00 (£59.17 ex VAT)

MB72 New!  
MB72 Gently sloping sides with a flat top.


Price £58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)

MB73 New!  
MB73 Gently sloping sides like the MB72 above, but this time with a sloping flat top.


Price £58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)

MB74 New!  
MB74 A fantastic variant on the pork pie tip that has an appealing cutaway that could be placed front or back.


Price £106.00 (£88.33 ex VAT)

MB75 New!  

The ridges of this block follow the same sideways slope as an MB10 but of course the valleys imitating a shell make a big difference!


Price £119.00 (£99.17 ex VAT)

MB76 New!    

A multiblock version of our CB51. A pork pie style with a sloping ridge and a pinched front. We think this will work very well with the BB71 snap brim.

Price £99.00 (£82.50 ex VAT)

mb76 mb76 mb76 on bb71  
MB77 New!    

This is a much more sloping verison of our popular MB10. The steeper angle is made possible by the tip being 80mm tall as opposed to the more standard 70mm. The sloping surface is also gently domed.

Price £73.00 (£60.83 ex VAT)