Hat Blocks & Accessories for Milliners

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Beret - CB50, CB39F, CB109, CB119 See also CB53
Bowler - CB2, CB7, CB114
Boater - BB84 & MB76
Bowler Brim - BB64, BB46
Breton Brim - BB7, BB8, BB38, BB10, BB22, BB39
Domed Crown  -CB7, CB2
Fedora Brim - BB45, BB55, BB70, BB75, BB76
Fedora crown - CB23, CB15, CB117, CB112
Fez - CB17, CB24
Hat Stretcher - HS4
Head Block - DH2

Pork Pie - CB5, CB38, CB100, CB50,
, CB30
Ring Blocks - BB40, 41 & 42
Saucer Block - FB6, FB7, FB8, FB9, FB10, FB12, FB15, FB17, FB21
Top Hat Brim - BB46, BB72, BB79
Top Hat crown - CB22F, CB4F, CB118F
Trilby Brim - BB45, BB55, BB63, BB70, BB75, BB76
Trilby Crown - CB15, See also CB102, CB35, CB37, CB112
Western style brim - BB37, BB49, BB50
Western Style Crown - CB29, BB55, CB116
If you know the code of the block you are looking for, find it on the list below and click on it to go straight there.
CB1 CB17 CB26F CB39 CB52 CB104   BB1 BB20 BB34 BB49 BB67
CB2 CB18 CB27 CB39F CB53 CB105   BB4 BB21 BB35 BB50 BB68
CB4 CB19 CB27F CB40 CB54 CB106   BB5 BB22 BB36 BB51 BB69
CB4F CB19F CB28 CB41 CB56 CB107   BB6 BB23 BB37 BB52 BB70
CB5 CB20 CB29 CB42 CB60 CB108   BB7 BB24 BB38 BB53 BB71
CB6 CB20F CB30 CB43 CB61 CB109   BB8 BB25 BB39 BB54 BB72
CB7 CB21 CB31 CB44 CB62 CB110   BB10 BB26 BB40 BB55 BB73
CB8 CB22 CB32 CB45 CB63 CB111   BB12 BB27 BB41 BB60 BB74
CB9 CB22F CB33 CB46 CB64 CB112   BB13 BB28 BB42 BB61 BB75
CB10 CB23 CB34 CB47 CB100 CB114   BB14 BB29 BB44 BB62 BB76
CB11 CB24 CB35 CB48 CB101 CB116   BB16 BB30 BB45   BB77
CB14 CB25 CB36 CB49 CB101F CB117   BB17 BB31 BB46 BB64 BB78
CB15 CB25F CB37 CB50 CB102 CB118   BB18 BB32 BB47 BB65 BB79
CB16 CB26 CB38 CB51 CB103 CB119   BB19 BB33 BB48 BB66 BB80
CB121F   CB123 CB132 CB133 CB134   BB81 BB82 BB83   BB84
CB135 CB136 CB137 CB138       BB85        
FB1 FB2 FB3 FB4 FB5 FB6 FB7 FB8 FB9 FB10 FB12 FB13
FB14 FB15 FB16 FB17 FB21              
MBB MBC4 MB2 MB9 MB40 MB66 MB72 MB77        
MBE   MB5 MB10 MB48 MB67 MB73        
MBC   MB6 MB11 MB57 MB69 MB74          
MBC2   MB9 MB34 MB58 MB70 MB75          
MBC3   MB8 MB38 MB59 MB71 MB76          
PB5 PB32 PB57 PB69 PB74              
PB8 PB34 PB58 PB70 PB75              
PB10 PB38 PB59 PB71 PB131              
PB11 PB40 PB66 PB72              
PB31 PB48 PB67 PB73