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Blocks for men's hats


It seems like we could be on the verge of a revival of men's everyday hats (especially here in the UK) and we're getting more and more enquiries for blocks. We've been expanding our range and will continue to do so with new ideas and your inspiration. You'll find quite a few new shapes on this page as well as our popular standards.

Of course these blocks are not exclusively for men's hats but we thought it would be useful to have them grouped together for ease of viewing.

Crowns - Brims - Combinations - Accessories

Crown Blocks

CB112 Slim oval only


A new design trilby crown that is made to the exact height for the finished hat. This is to enable it to be used in conjunction with a screw on brim so that you can block in one.The crown is of course useable in its own right too and includes stand and finger holes as normal.

Price £183.00 (£152.50 ex VAT)

Have you thought about a tipper for this block or one of our new stainless steel egg irons?

CB117 Slim oval only

A new design trilby/fedora crown featuring a central dome this time. Again, it is made to the exact height for the finished hat enabling it to be used in conjunction with a screw on brim so that you can block in one. The crown is of course useable in its own right too and includes stand and finger holes as normal. Tipper available, see accessories below.

Price £198.00 (£165.00 ex VAT)

Have you thought about a tipper for this block or one of our new stainless steel egg irons?

CB15A Slim oval only

This is a low version of our classic trilby block CB15 below. Measuring 120mm high like our CB112, it is suitable for 'blocking in one' with a downturned brim like BB71 and includes screw fixings in the base for this purpose. It can of course still be used for 'blocking in one' with an upturned brim where the blocked crown is pushed through the hole in the brim.

Price £183.00 (£152.50 ex VAT)

CB15 Slim oval only
cb15 The classic trilby. Although intended to pair with the BB45 brim block, it can be used with a variety of brims to create interesting effects.

Price £183.00 (£152.500 ex VAT)

CB114 Slim or broad Oval only
CB114 front

A real men's bowler crown - gently sloping front and back (right picture) and vertical sides (left picture). Made to the exact height for the size to allow the possibility for it to be screwed onto a brim.

Price £114.00 (£95.00 ex VAT)

cb114 side
CB23 Oval or circular
cb23 An open fedora crown block with sloping straight sides. Great for making hand shaped fedoras.

Price £97.00 (£80.83 ex VAT)

CB7 Oval or circular
cb7 A very round domed classic bowler.

Price £100.00 (£83.33 ex VAT)

CB24 Oval or circular
cb24 A fez style block with a shallow domed tip and sloping straight sides.

Price £81.00 (£67.50 ex VAT)

CB9 Oval or circular
CB9 A simple and elegant classic design with a flat tip and vertical straight sides.

Price £75.00 (£62.50 ex VAT)

CB5 Oval or circular
CB5 A classic pork pie with domed tip and straight vertical sides.

Price £135.00 (£112.50 ex VAT)

CB38 Oval or circular
CB38 With its lowered domed tip, this version of the classic pork pie offers further possibilities to your collection.

Price £135.00 (£112.50 ex VAT)

CB100 Oval or circular
CB100 A more rounded version of the pork pie, this time with a narrower rim and gently sloping sides.

Price £145.00 (£120.83 ex VAT)

CB51 Oval or circular
CB51 A smart take on the pork pie design with a backwards sloping top, gently sloping sides and a pinched front.

Price £170.00 (£141.67 ex VAT)

CB51 Top
CB29 Slim oval only
cb29 A western-style design with endless possibilities using other than the traditional western-style brim, BB37.

Price £183.00 (£152.50 ex VAT)

CB102 Oval or circular

A CB7 bowler in shape with a trilby style indent in the top.

Price £138.00 (£115.00 ex VAT)


Below are some of our five part blocks, for more details, see the info on the crowns page
CB22F Oval or circular

A superior classic five-part topper block. We're confident that you won't find a better and more long lasting five part block anywhere else.

This is also a great block to choose in Broad Oval form. When the bottom edge of the crown is pulled onto a slim oval brim, the result will be that the sides become more flared towards the top while the front and back become less so. This is a characteristic seen in many vintage top hats.

Price £241.00 (£200.83 ex VAT)

Solid CB22 £107.00 (£89.17 ex VAT)

CB118F Oval or circular
cb118f Another topper block but this time only 11cm high and a little more flare!

Price £241.00 (£200.83 ex VAT)

Solid CB118 £107.00 (£89.17 ex VAT)

CB121F Broad Oval

An even more flared version of our classic topper.

Price £241.00 (£200.83 ex VAT)

Solid CB121 £107.00 (£89.17 ex VAT)


A common feature on old toppers is that the sides are more flared than the front and back. This is easily acheived by using a broad oval block. When the sides are pulled in to fit a slim oval brim, the front and back will be pushed out and the effect will be complete.
CB4F Oval or circular
CB4F Our Victorian topper has a slightly domed tip and sloping straight sides.

Price £241.00 (£200.83 ex VAT)

Solid CB4 £107.00 (£89.17 ex VAT)

CB25F Oval or circular
CB25F Another Victorian topper with a domed tip and sloping straight sides.

Price £241.00 (£200.83 ex VAT)

Solid CB25 £107.00 (£89.17 ex VAT)


Brim Blocks

BB77 Oval outline  
bb77bb77bb117 0nbb77

A panama brim, onto which you can screw a crown block in order to block in one. The brim is 70mm wide all round, flat sides with a gently sloping front and back. Viewed side on it has a graceful curved edge front to back. String groove optional.

Price £135.00 (£112.50 ex VAT)

BB71 slim oval only    

A very stylish 'snap' brim which features a ridge round the back, where the blocked brim will 'snap' to create an upturn running from the sides round to the back. This has the advantage that with a crown or indeed any of our multiblock tips screwed on top, you can 'block in one'. The ideal crown to accompany this brim is the CB112 or CB117. String groove as standard.

Price £189.00 (£157.50 ex VAT)


hat on cb112

BB64 Oval outline New!
bb64 A brim block for the classic bowler. The same width all round,with the option (pictured) of having an integral string groove with one vertical side, to allow the traditional turned-over rim to be created straight on the block. The groove 'fades out' at the front & back.

Price £214.00 (£178.33 ex VAT)
BB45 Oval outline - 350mm diameter
A classic trilby style. The back sweeps up and the front sweeps down. A generous width allows you to trim smaller if preferred.

Price £192.00 (£160.00 ex VAT)


Another trilby brim, smaller than BB45 and with a much tighter upturn at the back.


Price £192.00 (£160.00 ex VAT)

BB76 new!

A bigger more pronounced version of above. Quite a steep downturn at the front and a good round up turn at the back. 65mm wide all round.

Price £192.00 (£160.00 ex VAT)

BB55 Oval outline

Another fedora or trilby brim that is turned up all the way round. Less of a curve than BB63 and a brim width of 65mm. Once blocked and dry you can flip the front down if required. Pictured here with a set of brim legs (optional) to make blocking in one possible.

Price £183.00 (£152.50 ex VAT)

TIP: blocking in one with an up turned brim
Blocking in one means that only one piece of felt or straw is used to create the crown and brim together. First the crown is blocked with a felt or straw hood, after which it is turned upside down and pushed through the brim block. With the crown supported underneath, the felt is then pulled down and pinned to form the brim. When ordering, choose a brim size that is 3/4 inch bigger than the crown.
BB70 Oval outline

A narrower trilby/fedora brim that is again turned up all the way round. The width of the brim is 45mm. Once blocked and dry you can flip the front down if required. Pictured here made from tulip wood and with a string groove (optional).

Price £177.00 (£147.50 ex VAT)

BB46 Oval outline - 310mm diameter
A brim block for the classic topper, CB22F - see crowns page. Can be combined with other crowns to produce extremely attractive designs.

Price £198.00 (£165.00 ex VAT)

BB72 Oval outline

Another brim block for the classic topper CB22F - see crowns page, but this time with much more exagerated features. The brim sweeps up high at the sides with a fairly steep down turn front and back. Price includes the groove.

Price £225.00 (£187.50 ex VAT)

BB37 Oval outline - 360mm diameter
A brim block for the western style design, CB29.

Price £230.00 (£191.67 ex VAT)


This is a range that we're keen to expand - let us know if you have some ideas! The blocks are screwed together in the same way that our Multiblocks work which makes them incredibly versatile. Not only will the specific crowns screw onto the brims, but any multiblock tip with an extension between will also work giving you endless possibilities for both men's and ladies hats.

Below are just a few examples of combinations.

cb117 0n bb77BB77 with CB117 (left) and with MB2 & MBE (right)

BB71 snap brim (the back flips up) with MB76 & MBE


Bottom board/setting board
bottom board

Inspired by Henry L Ermatinger's book 'Scientific Hat Finishing & Renovating', this is a bottom board for ironing and shaping brims. Used in conjunction with a band block below.

Price £136.00 (£113.33 ex VAT)

bottom board
CO2 Crown collar

Crowns that are made to the exact height of the finished hat do no have any room for a string groove to be added. In this case, the blocks have screw fixings in the bottom so one of these crown collars can be attached. The top edge is bevelled so once it is screwed on, a groove is created.

Price £23.00 (£19.17 ex VAT)

co2 in use
Pressing ring - New improved version!

A pressing ring is used when blocking an up turned brim with a central hole. The material is pressed and held in against the side of the head hole simply by pushing the pressing ring down, leaving you free to get on with shaping the rest of the brim a little more quickly. Saves on pins! The new improved version is made such that with a slight taper on the side and enough depth, you will be able to use it for any material regardless of the thickness. Thinner materials like straw will mean the pressing ring drops in a little further than it would with the thicker felts. When ordering, tell us the head size of the brim that you will use it with.

Price £38.00 (£31.67 ex VAT)

CO3 Band block

A band block can be used for final shaping of a hat especially if you want to shape it to the exact outline of your customers head. You can send us the outline so we can make the block the correct shape. Just the job to create a perfect fit! Heads can be measured using a conformateur but we've heard of it being done with a felxible ruler too.

Price £36.00 (£30.00 ex VAT)


A tipper is very useful to help hold the felt into the hollowed tip of a crown such as a trilby or fedora. These must be made with the block and cannot be ordered later (unless you send us the block back).

Price £36.00 (£30.00 ex VAT)