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Fascinator blocks



FB1 Circular    
fb1 A small circular fascinator block that measures 11cm accross. Many possibilties depending on your trimmings!

Price £46.00 (£38.33 ex VAT)

FB2 Circular
FB2 A small circular fascinator block that measures 12cm accross. Vertical sides with a gently domed top. The underside is hollowed to allow you to fold the fabric inwards creating a tidy bottom egde.

Price £72.00 (£60.00 ex VAT)

FB2 Bottom
FB3 Circular
FB3 A neat little fascinator block with a pork pie style centre and a raised side. It includes a string groove as standard for ease of blocking. The block is 108mm wide at the highest point and it measures 30 mm from the top of the string groove to the peak.

Price £102.00 (£85.00 ex VAT)

FB4 Circular

A slightly bigger version of the FB3 above, this time measuring 14cm in diameter.



Price £102.00 (£85.00 ex VAT)

FB5 Circular

Another small circular fascinator block, this time 150mm in diameter. Price includes the hollowed base. For other similar blocks in different sizes, see CB53 and CB50.

Price £79.00 (£65.83 ex VAT)

fb5 base

A small percher block with a pork pie style valley around the top and a central dome. The front slopes outwards and the sides slope inwards. 16cm long and 12cm wide.

Price £131.00 (£109.17 ex VAT)


A very neat oval button block with a hollowed base - based on a broad oval form. 18 x 16.5cm.

Price £94.00 (£78.33 ex VAT)

fb13 bottom

Another oval button block with a hollowed base - based on a slim oval form. 17 x 14.5cm.

Price £94.00 (£78.33 ex VAT)

FB16 New!



A sculptured, petal shaped block with many possibilities. We think this block has a lot going for it. Perhaps you could use it to create a single piece, or blocked many times it could create a whole flower. The one shown is 250mm long, but we could really make it any size you like and perhaps one of the nice things about a block like this is that each one will be different, just like the real thing.

Price £178.00 (£148.33 ex VAT) - 250mm long.

Price for other sizes on request.

Saucer blocks
Saucer hats are usually worn on the side of the head and held in place with a hair band or scull cap. They often feature a 'bump' in the middle which fits against the head and ususally made from one piece of sinamay.
FB6 Oval outline - 430mm long by 415mm wide  

A well contoured medium size 'saucer' block with a nice upturn at one end and the bump flaring out to the other end. String groove is optional.

Price £187.00 (£155.83 ex VAT)


FB12 Oval outline - 310mm long by 290mm wide  

By request, a smaller version of the FB6 above. The dimple retains the same proportions in order to sit against the side of the head but the outline is reduced. A very stunning and nicely contoured saucer block. String groove is optional.

Price £163.00 (£135.83 ex VAT)

Including string groove £180.00 (£150.00 ex VAT)

FB15 New! circular - 500mm diameter  

A large down turned saucer block with a dome in the centre. Can be held in place with an alice band or a scull cap could be stiched inside. The block includes a simple presser to hold the sinamay/staw etc around the dome. Simply place some weights around the circumference to hold it in place while the fabric dries.

Price £208.00 (£173.33 ex VAT)

fb15 presser
FB17 New! circular - 500mm diameter  

A large saucer block with a dramatic up turn that sweeps down across from one side to the other. This block comes with the presser which rests over the central hole to create a seamless transition from doime to brim. String groove as standard.

Price £260.00 (£216.67 ex VAT)


FB21 New! Oval outline - 430mm long by 415mm wide  

A smaller version of the FB17 above and this time a little oval. String groove as standard.

Price £249.00 (£207.50 ex VAT)

FB9 Circular 450mm diameter  

Working on the same principle as the FB7, 8 & 10 above, this is a bigger saucer block with a gentle downturn one side and an oposing up turn on the other. The block will produce a very smooth transition between the 'brim' and the bump in the middle which fits against the head.

Price £229.00 (£190.83 ex VAT)

FB22 Circular 250mm diameter  

A small saucer block with a central dome and a surrounding valley. The valley could be filled with an attractive band to further expand the profile. The valley is easliy created with the presser included. Price includes the string groove and presser.

Price £178.00 (£148.33 ex VAT)

fb22 tipper
FB7, FB8 & FB10 Saucer blocks

These three blocks feature a circular hole in the centre and once your sinamay is placed over the top, the 'bump' is formed by pressing the small dome block upside down into the hole. Place a weight on the top and then pin the sinamay round the rest of the block. Once dry the outline can be cut to any shape desired but an effective choice is to offset the 'bump' to give a high sweep up one side. Three different sizes below and all come with the pressing block included which could even be used in its own right given a little imagination.....

Pictured right is a small saucer hat made with an FB7 by Eibhilín Nic Ghiolla Bhuí.

FB7 Circular 235mm wide (bottom edge)  

A block to make a smaller saucer style fascinator. The small dome part is placed upside down into the hole with fabric inbetween which is then pinned down the sides. The result could be cut at a nice angle from low to high or evenly all round - whatever takes your fancy!

Price £134.00 (£111.67 ex VAT)

FB8 Circular 320mm diameter(bottom edge)  


Price £145.00 (£120.83 ex VAT)

FB10 Circular 400mm diameter(bottom edge)  


Price £155.00 (£129.17 ex VAT)

"I wouldn't buy my blocks from anyone else"
Anya Calliendo, USA