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DH2 Dolly head, Obeche or Balsa wood
dolly head

A simple dolly head, ideal for making up hats or for display purposes. They can be made from obeche or balsa wood, and have a 25mm diameter stand hole in the bottom. Many customers have also found them useful for making fascinators. They are available in all sizes.

Price £133.00 (£110.83 ex VAT)

Balsa wood
Price £143.00 (£119.17 ex VAT)

DH3 Dolly head, Obeche or Balsa wood

A featured dolly head with eyebrows, nose and chin. Available in obeche or balsa wood. Available in all sizes.

Price £163.00 (£135.83 ex VAT)

Balsa wood
Price £183.00 (£152.50 ex VAT)

DH4 Dolly head, Obeche or Balsa wood  

A dolly head with a definiate forehead and a good nape. Available in obeche or balsa wood. Available in all sizes.

Price £148.00 (£123.33 ex VAT)

Balsa wood
Price £158.00 (£131.67 ex VAT)

Accessories & Tool Packs
If you're not choosing one of our block bundles but instead making your own selections from the catalogue, then you might like to take advantage of the discounted accessories and tools packs below.
Accessories Pack

A very handy pack of accessories comprising BS1 block stand, BSPR blocking spring 4 x BP1 blocking pins, 20m spring steel wire plus connectors, 1 pack of blocking string and a CS1 corset stay/millinery knife.

Price £64.00 (£53.33 ex VAT)

Tools Pack

tools pack

A handy pack of tools comprising 1 pack of 5 disposable brushes, 1 pair of plyers, 1 pair of self locking plyers and 1 pin pusher.

Price £22.99 (£19.15 ex VAT)


Accessories and Tools Pack


Both the above packs combined with even more discount!

Price £79.99 (£66.65 ex VAT)

BS1 Block stand
BS1 A simple stand for use while working on a block. Height 200mm. Post diameter 25mm.

Price £26.00 (£21.67 ex VAT)

BSPR Blocking spring
A blocking spring is a very useful millinery tool. It is an old idea which we have updated. Our durable plastic springs enable you to block a crown more easily with fewer pins and in less time than using pins alone.

A blocking spring is particularly helpful when blocking sinamay. Holding the squares of sinamay in the correct position on the block while you pull and pin can be difficult but the spring will hold the sinamay securely in place while you distribute the extra material at the corners of the square, as you see in the photo. This method gives a neater result with much less effort than when using pins alone and also means you use far fewer pins.

Springs come in all sizes to accommodate your different crown blocks and come with instructions for use. Please say which size you require, bearing in mind that the spring needs to match the head size of the block you'll use it with.

Blocking spring Price £13.99 (£11.66 ex VAT)
BP1 Box of 50 blocking pins
Pinning the fabric to the block can be hard on the fingers. But not any more! Our blocking pins have large plastic heads, making it easy to push them in and take them out again. The pins are the same gauge as dressmaker's pins and will bend rather than break. Kinder to your fingers and to your block. Far superior to both chart pins and drawing pins.

Price £3.99 (£3.33 ex VAT)

12 Box Pack £45.00 (£37.50 ex VAT)

PP1 Pin pusher
Pin Pushers are ingenious tools. They have a place among the astute milliner’s tool kitand are in fact indispensable in some blocking situations. The pin pusher’s wooden handle fits comfortably into the hand and the metal tube into which the dressmaker’s pin is dropped, head first, has a magnet at the bottom. This holds the pin inside so that it does not fall out, whatever the angle of the tool. Dressmaker’s pins are hard to press into wooden blocks by hand and a thimble is awkward to use, as it easily slips off the pinhead. A pin pusher gives the user extra mechanical power!
Pin pusher Price £10.99 (£9.16 ex VAT)  

A handy pair of plyers for removing dressmakers pins from your block (120mm total length). Also useful for cutting wire.


Price £4.99 (£4.16 ex VAT)

Disposable brush

A handy 1" disposable brush for use with various stiffeners. Sold in packs of 5.


Price £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT)

Spring steel wire    

21 guage spring steel wire for brims. Sold in aproxiamtley 20 metre lengths and including a pack of 25 stainless steel connectors. Can be cut with the small plyers above.

Price £9.95 (£8.29 ex VAT)


Tip: To acheive a good tight joint, use a pair of plyers to put a very small kink in each end of the wire before inserting them into the connecter. The connector can then be closed with a pair of self locking plyers.

Self locking plyers    
self locking plyers

Self locking plyers for closing the connecters onto the wire.

Price £5.99 (£4.99 ex VAT)

Blocking string

Great for string grooves and crown bases. 2mm diameter and sold in 5 meter lengths.

Price £1.75 (£1.46 ex VAT)

HS3 Hat stretcher
A superior hat stretcher designed to provide a smooth and efficient stretching action. The uniqie mechanism inside ensures that the two halves always remain parallel. An engraved graduated scale shows the hat size in centimetres, and a conversion chart is provided for inch sizes, together with full instructions for use. The size range is from 52cm (20.5 inches) to 63cm (24 3/4 inches). We are confident that you will not find a better hat stretcher anywhere else. You will be able to accuratley read the head size measurment that you are stretching too with no more guess work due to the top half moving less than the bottom!
Price £399.00 (£332.5 ex VAT)
SB1 Stretcher block
The easy way to stretch a brim's headsize during production. Simply pull the blocked brim over the stretcher block and down to the size required. For felt hats, stretch dry to half an inch larger than the size required and leave overnight to stretch. Because of the properties of felt, it will shrink back to the correct size. For straw and sinamay hats, slightly dampen the headband, stretch to the same size required and allow to dry.
SB1 Price £159.00 (£132.50 ex VAT)  
RB1 Ribbon board
A Ribbon board is for shaping wide petersham or bias fabric so that it will fit round the edge of a brim without wrinkling. The material is first wetted, then one end is folded over the edge of the ribbon board and pinned in place with two pins angled towards the centre of the board as shown. The material is then wrapped continuously round the edge of the board, under tension, until the length is formed. The end is then secured with two pins as before. You should allow a little extra length so that you can cut off the two ends marked by the pins. The binding can be removed from the board as soon as it is dry, and sewn onto the brim. Angle the first pair of pins so that you will be able to overlap the pins with the material to obtain sufficient length without too much distortion. The easiest way to hold the board is on your lap while seated.
RB1 Price £54.00 (£45.00 ex VAT) RB1
CO1 Collar for turned down brims
For blocking the headband when using a solid centre brim block. Our brim blocks with solid centres have threaded inserts in the crown position, so that a collar can be securely fixed while blocking, and can be easily removed when no longer required. No more trouble with pegs that don't fit and collars that fall off the block!
CO1 Price £19.00 (£15.83 ex VAT)
Collar on a brim block
CO2 Crown collar

Crowns that are made to the exact height of the finished hat do no have any room for a string groove to be added. In this case, the blocks have screw fixings in the bottom so one of these crown collars can be attached. The top edge is bevelled so once it is screwed on, a groove is created. They can also be screwed onto the bottom of a multiblock tip for use when making pill box hats.

Price £23.00 (£19.17 ex VAT)

co2 on mb2
CO3 Band block

A band block can be used for final shaping of a hat especially if you want to shape it to the exact outline of your customers' head. You can send us the outline so we can make the block the correct shape. Just the job to create a perfect fit! Heads can be measured using a conformateur but we've heard of it being done with a felxible ruler too. More commonly used for men's hats.

Price £36.00 (£30.00 ex VAT)

Pressing ring - New improved version!
pressing ring

A pressing ring is used when blocking an up turned brim with a central hole. The material is pressed and held in against the side of the head hole simply by pushing the pressing ring down, leaving you free to get on with shaping the rest of the brim a little more quickly. Saves on pins! The new improved version is made such that with a slight taper on the side and enough depth, you will be able to use it for any material regardless of the thickness. Thinner materials like straw will mean the pressing ring drops in a little further than it would with the thicker felts. When ordering, tell us the head size of the brim that you will use it with.

Price £38.00 (£31.67 ex VAT)


A tipper is very useful to help hold the felt into the hollowed tip of a crown such as a trilby or fedora. These must be made at the same time as the block and cannot be ordered later (unless you send us the block back!).

Price £36.00 (£30.00 ex VAT)

Egg Iron    
egg iron

An egg iron is used for helping to shape and smooth felt into hollow areas of a block such as a trilby or fedora. Our egg irons are of superior quality being made of stainless steel that will not rust or corrode, giving you years of trouble and maintenance free service. Simply warm the egg in a flame such as your kitchen hob or portable stove and away you go. You'll find it invaluable for use with trilby dimples and valleys but the pointed end (which isn't sharp) will also fit well into sharper valleys such as pork pies.


Price £69.00 (£57.50 ex VAT)


Stainless Steel means rust free - not your average egg iron!

egg iron

Bottom board/setting board

Inspired by Henry L Ermatinger's book 'Scientific Hat Finishing & Renovating', this is a bottom board for ironing and shaping brims. Used in conjunction with a band block below.

Price £136.00 (£113.33 ex VAT)

CS1 Millinery knife / Corset stay  
A corset stay - the type which looks like a flattened wire spring - is ideal for taking a blocked crown or brim off a hat block after stiffening and drying! They have smooth ends, which will not damage the hat fabric. Corset stays bend in all directions yet remain stiff. This means that they can be inserted between the cling film covering the block and the hat fabric and moved up and down to loosen it and enable you to take your blocked shape off without damaging it. (Approximate length 30cm) Very helpful indeed!
CS1 Price £3.99 (£3.33 ex VAT)  
HC1 Hat cover  
Beautiful, expensive hats need protection! When an umbrella isn’t to hand and is awkward to carry, the answer is a Hat cover, discreetly hidden in your handbag and ready to be unfolded at a moment’s notice if rain should threaten. Your hat will be protected for the time it takes to reach shelter, when the hat cover is just as easily and quickly folded again and returned to it’s handy pouch. Can you afford to be without one? Freebies for your customers perhaps!
Hat cover

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