Wire Frame Hats

Making wire frame hats is an age-old technique which is well worth learning. This ebook, which brings the method into the twenty-first century, will tell you how to create whole hats using wire. The pieces you create can either be left as bound frames so that their interesting shapes can be seen, or covered with fabric to look more like a conventional hat. Hat crowns or brims can be created separately and combined with conventional brims and crowns. This allows you scope to create different styles and to go beyond the dictates of your block shapes. Many vintage styles can also be re-created: the snug-fitting, feather-covered hats of the ’40s were often made using wire frames, so if you are interested in these styles, this ebook is a ‘must’ for you. Very little special equipment is required – in fact, you could make several of the hats we show with only some reels of wire and some wire cutters. The method is easily learned and wonderful new designs are sure to be the result.