Five-Part Puzzle Crowns

A five-part block can be dismantled inside the blocked crown to allow you to get the crown off the block without stretching the fabric.
Guy Morse-Brown – engineer/inventor/genius(!) created a system for producing these type of blocks to the highest possible standard and functionality and we’re confident that you will not find better quality anywhere else. Many of our dove-tail five part blocks are supplied together with our special extractor (seen in use above), enabling you to gently dismantle the block while inside the blocked crown. Instructions are included with the extractor where appropriate.
Tip: A common feature on old toppers is that the sides are more flared than the front and back. This is easily acheived by using a broad oval block. When the sides are pulled in to fit a slim oval brim, the front and back will be pushed out and the effect will be complete.

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