Setting up a millinery business

Ever dreamed of setting up your own millinery business? Sue Osman has been a high-profile milliner for many years and shares her wisdom with you in this ebook to save you from making some mistakes.

Not only does Sue offer lots of down-to-earth advice, but she also allows you into her studio as she meets and designs for her customers. Want to know how to respond if you’re asked to design a hat of a type you’ve never tackled before? Should you take on such a commission? And how do you respond if a friend asks you to make a hat, expecting that you’ll do it for free? You’ll find the answers to these and many other questions discussed in this ebook. The ebook contains 5 case studies, describing in detail the steps involved in serving the client. She discusses meeting the customer and sketching designs for them, the materials offered to the customer, first fitting and final fitting. There is also group discussion after each case study and Sue makes some very valuable points. As well as this detailed business advice, the ebook also contains a number of template invoices, to show you how they should look and what needs to be included.