RB1 – Ribbon Board


A ribbon board is for shaping wide petersham or bias fabric so that it will fit round the edge of a brim without wrinkling. The material is first wetted, then one end is folded over the edge of the ribbon board and pinned in place with two pins angled towards the centre of the board. The material is then wrapped continuously round the edge of the board, under tension, until the length is formed. The end is then secured with two pins as before. You should allow a little extra length so that you can cut off the two ends marked by the pins. The binding can be removed from the board as soon as it is dry, and sewn onto the brim. Angle the first pair of pins so that you will be able to overlap the pins with the material to obtain sufficient length without too much distortion. The easiest way to hold the board is on your lap while seated.

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