Flower Tools and Book Bundle


This beautiful hardback book, Making Silk Flowers, by Anne Tomlin explains the art and craft of making the most natural-looking silk botanicals. With clear step-by-step sequences, it considers the details of flowers and demonstrates how you can make immaculate interpretations from a range of silk and millinery fabrics.

We’ve bundled this book with a choice of either our small set or our large set of flower tools – so you can start making flowers right away!

Like all of our products we aim for the highest quality available and these flower tools are no exception. From the beautiful ball-shaped hardwood handles to the polished stainless steel tool itself, you will find these flower tools a pleasure to use. The stainless steel is polished and is very smooth in use on the silk, it will not rust or tarnish and it has better heat retention than either brass or steel meaning you can work for longer without reheating as often.

Please note: Do not confuse these with ‘steel’ tools. Our tools are not steel but ‘stainless’ steel which is a very different material. Steel tools easily rust and tarnish and the surface subsequently loses its smooth finish making general use difficult. This will not happen with ours!

Full Set Bundle includes: Making Silk Flower Book, Rat Tail, Straight Point, 10mm Ball, 15mm Ball, 20mm Ball, 30mm Ball, 40mm Ball, Arrow Head

Full Set Ex VAT: £162.50

Small Set Bundle includes: Making Silk Flower Book, Rat Tail, 15mm Ball, 30mm Ball, Arrow Head

Small Set Ex VAT: £90.83


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