Fantastic Feather Fascinators

In Fantastic Feathers we describe lots of techniques for working with feathers including dyeing, ‘burning’, curling, knotting and making ‘poms’. And then we show you how to make a range of different kinds of mounts. And finally, we show you lots of examples of fascinators others have made, as inspiration for your own creation. We don’t show you how to make just one particular type of fascinator as we feel that would be too limiting – instead, we show you lots of basic techniques to enable you to make any number of different fascinators. Combined with the photographs of fascinators others have made, this is a winning combination.

No special equipment is required for making the fascinators shown in this book – just lots of things you probably already have around the home but would probably never have thought of using.

If you live outside the UK please check what import charges / customs duties you can expect to pay on the value of your order before buying.