During 2012 and early 2013 up-cycling milliner Jane Fryers created a stunning series of hats (pictured below) using a number of these blocks, and detailed instructions of the making of all of these are featured in 6 issues of HATalk emagazine.

Jane has wonderfully demonstrated how much variety can be achieved from a few blocks both in terms of styles and materials. The articles in HATalk are well worth investigating, you’ll be amazed at the detail and craftsmanship of Jane’s work. All photos are by Wilson London Images and clockwise from top left are ‘A Hat with No Name’ (Issue 82) made with CB60 & BB62, ‘Silk Route’ (Issue 78) made with CB62 & BB62, ‘In the Swim’ (Issue 79) made with CB62, ‘Cashmere Cowboy’ (Issue 82) made with CB60 & BB61, ‘The Bride’ (Issue 77) made with CB62 & BB61, and ‘Last Christmas’ (Issue 81) made with BB61.

Jane said “The blocks are lovely to work with. It’s been such an interesting project and so many nice things have come from it”.