Photographing hats or blocks

If you want to send us some pictures and measurements of a hat you would like a block making for or even pictures of a block for us to copy, there are a few things that make our job easier. Of course there may only be one photo available and that can always be a starting point, but if you do have access to the hat or block then a few simple steps will help us a lot.

Photographing a block.

Place the block on a flat table which has space around it. Hold your camera at the same level as the table rather than looking down on the block at all. Take photos of front, back, left and right sides. This gives us accurate views of all the profiles. Place the block on the floor and standing over it, take a photo of the top and bottom. If there are any distinctive features for example on the inside of an upturned brim, then take pictures of these as well.

Photographing a hat

Similar to above, it is important if possible to have the camera at the same height as the hat. Views can be very distorted if the camera angle is from below or above. Take pictures from both sides as well as front and back and again place the hat on the floor and take one from above.


When measuring blocks, the most useful measurements are vertical and horizontal rather than around curved surfaces. For example if you had two domed crown blocks, one very pointy and the other much fuller, the measurement over the top would be very different on each even though they could be the same size and vertical height. In this case the vertical height and a good photo will suffice.

For brim blocks the best way to get horizontal measurements is by turning the block over and measuring the length and width of the bottom rather than measuring over the top and around the curves.

If in doubt, take plenty of measurements and photos. The more we have the more likely it is we can get an accurate reproduction of your hat or block.

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    Dedicated to providing you with the best hat blocks you can buy - here at Guy Morse-Brown, our focus is firmly on working with you to make your own personal creations.

    To make things with your hands is a fundamental part of human nature and whether it is the weaver, the felt maker, the block maker, or you the milliner, we are all part of a process that culminates in something that is more than just an object to admire - it is a statement, an expression that enriches the life of the wearer and creator alike.

    We feel that the parts of the process shouldn't be completely separated so we want to work with you to enable us both to share in it all. For that reason you won't find online ordering here on our website but you will find a huge range that shows that almost anything is possible. It's too simple to just add products to a cart; we want to keep alive the personal communication between block maker and milliner that used to be so essential. Get in touch with us and share your ideas, let us know what you want to make and we're ready to serve.

    They are almost too beautiful to use.
    Helen Thorne - UK

    Thank you for the wonderful service and your incredible blocks!!!
    Elena Ebenhack - USA

    The craftsmanship is really outstanding.
    Audi Meyer - USA

    They arrived today! I'm so happy and excited to use them. They smell wonderful ;-) It's really hard to find good block makers these days, so keep it up!
    Suzanne Warfield - GERMANY

    I really appreciate your help, you are so approachable and kind and in my moment of stress your advice helped me see clearly :) I can't thank you enough x

    I really like the multiblocks - they fit together like a dream!
    Judy Parker - AUSTRALIA

    I'm more than happy- everything is just perfect. I've worked on many different blocks but I think those are the best quality I've ever seen and now I feel like I've just got an early birthday gift :). Thank You very much!
    Hanna Huzarska - POLAND

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