Our very popular crown block system with interchangeable tips, designed with the aspiring milliner in mind, for whom the purchase of blocks will be a major investment. By purchasing a base unit and a selection of tips, a set of crown blocks can be built up more economically than by purchasing individual blocks. Tips can also be combined with an extension and brim to create complete cloche blocks.
The basic set contains a base unit, MBB, with an allen key and screws, a 40mm extension, MBE, and three tips; flat MB9, shallow dome MB6, and bowler MB2. The set offers considerable saving when compared with the cost of three individual full height crown blocks. If you prefer, you can select from the range of tips shown below and create your own set. All parts are accurately made from Lime wood. They are fully interchangeable, so you can buy just a base and a tip and add to your range as finances allow. Head shape is slim oval.

Your [multi]blocks slot together perfectly,…a sign of good workmanship, and I’ve just blocked a straw on it, and it was a joy to use. Many thanks. Rita McVinnie – UK

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Additional Tips
Below are additional tips that can be used to make crown blocks in conjunction with the MBB base or as the top of a cloche when combined with a cloche brim and extension.

The blocks just arrived, and my milliner is beside himself with joy! They are truly gorgeous, thank you for taking so much pride in your product. We will definitely be doing business again. Alice Sullivan, Texas, USA

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Multiblock Crowns
Here’s are the first in a new range of multiblock crowns that can be used with the cloche brims and without the need for an extension between. This means that the shape of the crown can begin right above the brim without there being the vertical side of the extension first.