Block of the Month September 2015 – BB69 midi bowler

Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is the midi bowler brim block BB69.
The midi blocks have one great advantage in that they will fit on all heads. Rather than having to fit the head exactly and therefore be the correct size, they will perch a little higher on the head but still retain a ‘hat’ rather than ‘fascinator’ look.
Our midi topper set CB52 and BB54 is very popular and we’ve seen lots of great photos of hats made with them. The BB69 however is perhaps overlooked which is a shame when you see how well it can turn out. The example below is by Gabriela Dumitran and is paired with the midi homburg crown CB110.

Hat by Gabriela Dumitran
Hat by Gabriela Dumitran

As well as the brim we will offer discount on the midi bowler crown CB104 and the midi homburg crown CB110 below.
You will receive 15% discount on the prices below when you quote ‘Block of the Month’