Block of the Month – Ring Blocks

Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is the ring blocks BB40, BB41 & BB42.
Ring blocks are perhaps a little overlooked but are in fact versatile and useful blocks to have. If you own a crown block of matching oval then by ordering a ring block that is size 3/4″ bigger, then you can push it over the blocked crown and pull the felt up and around. Following that you can of course cut the brim to any desired shape with some interesting and creative results. If you want to use it with materials other than felt then it will work best as a ‘block in two’ block in which case you should order the same size as the the crown with which you will use it.
They could also be used to make small saucer type hats by laying your material over and pressing in a suitable dome shape as deep as you like to create a central dome.

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