Block of the Month January 2015 – BB96 & CB7

Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is the brim block BB96 and crown block CB7.
With the popularity of early 2oth century period dramas at the moment we thought you’d love this set as much as we do. Some old cloche hats were made on circular rather than oval blocks and rather than causing problems with the fit as you might think, it actually creates a very attractive effect.  In order for the hat to fit the head, when placed on the head, the front and back will be pulled out a little thus making a slight slope in those areas. This could of course be created in the block but that would be more work for us and more cost for you. Seeing as it works so well in circular form, there’s really no need! See for yourself in the beautiful hat below created by Kate Fuller.
Along with a set of brim legs these two blocks work very well together when blocked in one. If you’re not sure about this technique, just ask, it’s a great way to work giving excellent results and is easy too.

Hat made by Kate Fuller

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