Block of the Month February 2015 – Topper Blocks

Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is the topper blocks BB46 and CB22F. Here’s two fantastic hats made by Roxanne Willard.

Roxanne Willard
Roxanne Willard

Although designed for a classic topper made from felt, these blocks are more versatile than you think and stunning hats can be made with sinamay too. The main feature of the crown block is the fact that it is made from five pieces – sometimes called a puzzle block. The reason for this is that when the top of a crown is bigger than the bottom, unless the block can dismantle, you would have to cut the material in order to remove the block from the felt. With our special extractor kit that comes with the block, you can easily remove all five parts one at a time without distorting the blocked shape at all.
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What about this too? A block-in-one method for top hats…..

With normal blocking in one, the crown is pushed through the brim. However, in the case of a top hat, this is not possible because of the top of the crown being bigger than the bottom and therefore not able to fit though. Well, not any more…..see the video below to find out about our method to make blocking top hats in one possible.
[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”600″ description=”Introduction to Blocking-in-one” player=”5″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” splashimage=”” /]
You will receive 15% discount on the prices below when you quote ‘Block of the Month’. If you would like the separating brim option, please add £30 (£25 ex VAT) which includes the brims legs too.
Keep a check on this page as we bring you a new offer every month.