Block of the Month July 2014 – Bowler Hat Blocks

Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is blocks for making a bowler hat – BB86 & CB114.

We had a visit from a very good customer of ours Arlette Burgaud recently and among other things she took away these two blocks. We were thrilled to see the results and are happy to share them with you below. Her website is also worth a visit to see some of her other wonderful work

Arlette used the standard height CB114 but we also make a taller version which if you are blocking in one means you can push the crown through as far as you like to give the desired height. Included in the offer below are brim legs which we recommend when ordering the crown and the brim.


Bowler hat by Arlette Burgaud

You will receive 15% discount on the prices below when you quote ‘Block of the Month’

BB86 – Bowler Brim Block


A really stylish bowler brim block with well rounded sides and a gentle down turn front and back. Perfect with CB114 bowler crown. String groove included.

Ex VAT £200


CB114 – Bowler Crown Block


A fully shaped men’s bowler crown – gently sloping front and back (thumbnail picture) and vertical sides (main picture). Made to the exact height for the size to allow the possibility for it to be screwed onto a brim.

Ex VAT £114.17


CB114 – Bowler Crown Block (150mm)


We’ve also made the CB114 above in a full height version – 150mm tall

Ex VAT £122.50


Brim Legs


Brim legs are useful when blocking in one (one piece of felt for crown and brim together). The legs mean that the brim is supported off your work surface leaving enough room for the blocked crown to be pushed through to the desired height. This is a very effective and quick way to work leaving you less sewing to do later. Brims generally need to be 3/4″ bigger than the crown and legs need to be ordered at the same time as the brim so we can attach them securely. The picture shows a BB45 with legs.

Ex VAT £27.50