Block of the Month August 2014 – FB4 Fascinator Block

Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is the fascinator block FB4.
Don’t be put off by thinking this could be a difficult shape to block because there is a simple and effect way! In order to get the material down into the small valley, take a pice of thick card that has a straight and level top and bottom. It can be around 5cm tall and should be long enough so that when it is rolled into a tube, the size is the same as the little dome in the middle of the block – i.e it will sit right in that little valley. Tape the ends together and bend it to shape until it holds itself in a nice circle.
Now you can block as normal and use the card tube as a presser. Place a book on top (this is why the card needed to be level top and bottom) and on top of that a nice heavy weight. Now you can pull;the material down the sides and tie it off in the string groove. Once dry, the first corner created by the string groove will be where you can fold the material inside to create a neat bottom edge.
Couldn’t be more simple!
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