Block of the Month April 2015 – BB74

Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is the brim block BB74.
Even though we call it a brim block, it is certainly not limited to that. Being a simple dome of medium size, it will lend itself to many possibilities and as such you will find it a very useful block in your collection. It could be used fully and a crown attached by marking and cutting a crown hole anywhere you like. This could be placed offset in any direction to create some striking effects. Then of course any shape you like could be created depending on how you cut the blocked shape. This is one of those blocks that is simply a useful starting point allowing you to express your own style and creativity – we’re looking forward to seeing your results featured on our website soon!
Here’s a couple of examples.

Jo-Anne Rolfe

Eibhilín Nic Ghiolla Bhuí

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