Accessories Deal – Pin pusher

Starting from now, not only can you grab a deal on our block of the month, you can also enjoy a discount on a tool or accessory or even some of our materials.

This month it’s the Pin Pusher. Get 15% off for the next four weeks.











Pin Pushers are ingenious tools. They have a place among the astute milliner’s tool kit and are indispensable in some blocking situations. The pin pusher’s wooden handle fits comfortably into the hand and the metal tube into which the dressmaker’s pin is dropped, head first, has a magnet at the bottom. This holds the pin inside so that it does not fall out, whatever the angle of the tool. Dressmaker’s pins are hard to press into wooden blocks by hand and a thimble can be awkward to use, as it easily slips off the pinhead. A pin pusher gives you extra mechanical power!