Men’s Block Bundle


Men’s hats continue to regain their popularity so here’s a selection of our best sellers for you to create a great range. With this set you will be able to make:

A fedora/trilby (CB112) with either a broad brim that can be flipped down at the front (BB55) or a tight snappy brim with a small upturn at the back (BB75). A classic bowler (BB64 & CB114), one of two toppers – you choose either CB22F & BB46, or CB121F & BB72. Brim legs as shown on the BB55 and BB75 are an optional extra for blocking in one. Not sure about this? Feel free to ask.

Also included FREE OF CHARGE  – A tipper for the CB112, a pressing ring for the upturned brims, a crown collar (CO2), a block stand (BS1) and 4 boxes of pins (BP1).

Ex VAT £1062.50